Answer: Is Cyber Cafe Business still profitable in 2020?

I would like to know if cyber cafe business is still profitable in Nigeria. I know that many people still require some services from there, but is it really worth it? Can one still make good money from cyber cafe business in Nigeria?

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Cybercafe business is not a thing one should consider as a business these days especially in this computer age that even teenagers now have easy access to the internet on their own. As we can see, most of the things we needed to do before at the cybercafe like logging in to Facebook, accesing our mails, we can easily do that now on our smartphones without having to step out of our comfort zone.
If we have to consider the investments involved in starting this business ranging from acquiring the desktops to the setting up and maintenance, I’d say it may not be worth it when compared to the profit to be realised (may even result into loss).

However, some people are still in the business, majorly those who have a strong customer base and facilities. But one thing I realised is helping them is that they collaborate with big organisations that requires people to complete some particular registrations at the cybercafe and also they partner with examination bodies so they use their cybercafe as examination centers. These are some ways I can say the major cyber cafes that are still standing today make their profits.

Beginner Answered on July 23, 2020.
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