Answer: Is Cyber Cafe Business still profitable in 2020?

I would like to know if cyber cafe business is still profitable in Nigeria. I know that many people still require some services from there, but is it really worth it? Can one still make good money from cyber cafe business in Nigeria?

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Well, there is something I always say; no business is outdated and there is no

business that you can’t still make your money from – depending on how you

package or repackage it.  Talking about cybercafé, of course yes, you. Can. Still. Make.

Your. Own. Money! Just repackage it. For instance; I, personally still make use of cybercafé

till date and I pay them . How? Why? For what na?   You subscribe for one month and

then go with your system or mobile phone to use Wi-Fi and electrical power supply for the whole day.

For the two places I use here; one is monthly payment and the other one we pay per hour.

Believe me , this guys still make cool money from it. Because if You an IT person, you will know how

much data we consume daily on works and how serious we do need power supply.

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Beginner Answered on July 27, 2020.
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